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Bradelocz--- Dreadlocks started with braids.

Box Braids--- Pencil sized single braids.

Casamas Braids--- If you put two box braids together, you will have the size of casamas braid.

Closure--- The top part of a wig that is used in hair weaving to close the weave to make it look natural.

Cornrows--- Hair that is braided flat to the head like small french braids looking like rows of corn in a corn field.

Dreadlocks--- Hair that is left in its natural state not combed. Coiled pieces of hair that intertwines with in itself.

Flat Twists--- Hair that is made into a coil flat on the head similar to cornrows only it is not braided.

Genilocs--- Hair braided with yarn then wrapped with yarn again to for a yarn dread.

Hair Extensions--- Pieces of hair attached to your real hair to make it longer or fuller.

Interlocking Dreadlocks--- Dreadlocks that are maintained with some type of tool.

Interlock Weave---  A weave that is formed using a tool.

Micro Bradelocz--- Very small dreadlocks that are started with braids.

Micro Braids--- Individual single braids that are very very small. Usually having open ends similar to a weave at the bottom.

Micro Links--- Small metal tubes used to attach I-Tip Hair Extensions.

Net--- is used with a weave to cover thinning hair or baldness.

Nulocs--- Hair braided with yarn.

Silky Locks--- Hair braided with synthetic hair and then wrapped with more synthetic to form a synthetic dread. 

Spaghetti Braids--- Very long micro braids, braided all the way to the end of the hair. Braided to the middle of the back or longer.

Trizillions---See Micro Braids.

Weave--- Sewn in hair wefts to make your hair longer or fuller.

Weft--- Hair sewn together for use in hair weaving.

Wig--- A large hair piece that is used to cover the entire head and make to look like your own hair.