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520-808-2465 24/7 By Appointment. Same day appointments available. 6015 E. 22nd Street

Read This First

When you come to get your hair done, please do not have anything in your hair. No conditioner, no hair grease, no oil, no hair spay, nothing. Come with freshly washed hair only. If you want me to wash it, that is fine.


Natural hair styles take a long time to do so, please do not make any plans for the rest of the day. Please come and get your hair done on your day off or a day when you don't have a lot to do.


Please if you are a stylist, don't try and show me how YOU do a style. You called me for a reason. For ME to do your hair. I already know how to do the style. Let ME do it. Thank you.


If your child is coming to get his/her hair done and you know it will take several hours, please leave them with food, water or some money to get food.


If you have little children and you are going to get your hair done, please make sure someone is going to take care of your child. A baby sitter or an nanny or another family member at home. Like I said before, natural hair styles take a long time to do. It is not like a hair cut. You will not be in and out in 15 min. Children will not want to sit for 4 hours while you get your extensions or braids done.


If you are going to be late, please call me and tell me you are going to be late. If you don't call with in 30 min. of you appointment, I will think that you are not going to come. I will do some one elses hair or I will go home. I do not wait all day for you.


If you are not going to come to your appointment at all, you need to call 24 hours before your appointment and tell me. 2 no shows and I will not schedule you any more!


If you do not show to your appointment and you are a no call no show, to reschedule you it will be an additional $10 added to your service.


I take card an cash only. You will need to talk with your stylist to see what they take if you are not getting your hair done by me.


Please bring the kind of hair and the amount of hair that I tell you too. I don't tell you this for nothing. If I tell you that you are going to need a certain number bags of hair then bring that amount or more. Please don't bring less than I tell you. You will be leaving the salon with half of your hair done, going to the hair store to get more hair. Also, If you need to know what kind of hair to get, don't go ask your best friend. Ask the person who is going to be doing your hair. 


Remilaku is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Natural Hair Stylist & Loctician.


No refunds or exchanges on any product or service.


When you come to get your hair done, make sure you know about the style you going to get. If your job won't let you do something or will make you do your hair one way, you need to tell me. If your husband won't let you do your hair one way you need to tell me. Some styles will only go one way. If you need to put your hair up for your job or if you know that someone in your family will not like your hair that way, then you need to tell me. So I make the style that you want so everyone and your job will be happy.


To get your hair done in any of the services, you need to have at least 4 inches of your own hair.


When you come to get your hair done and I do it a different way then you are used too, please, please, please, don't tell me "Well in California we do it this way or in Texas we do it this way". You are not in California and you are not in Texas. You have past the border. Please be respectfull of the work that I do.  Some places do things a little different than you are used too. Even if they are doing the same style with the same name.


If you are going to bring your own hair, PLEASE get your hair the day before your appointment. Please don't wait till the day of to get your hair. It may cause you to be late for your appointment or not come at all.


Please don't leave in any hair style for longer than 3 months! If you do leave it in longer your hair will start to dread. It will be harder for you to get the style out of your head and it will be harder for the stylist to get it out! I will charge you more than said if you leave it in longer.


Remilaku tries to use all natural and organic hair care products. All natural shampoos, organic conditioners, all natural hair oils. Some of my products may contain food. I do buy some of my products from the store and some I make myself. (If you would like to know what products I use, go to Meet Remilaku. At the very bottom it will tell you there)


I supply synthetic braiding hair and yarn for free with style. If you want human hair, you need to get that yourself. Just call me to make sure I have the color or number you want before you make your appointment.


Consultations are free! I want you to come to me and let me see your hair. I can better service you if I know before hand what I will be working with. However, consultations are NOT mandatory.


                                     Call Me!!

If you have questions about your hair, call me. Even if you do not live in Tucson or even if you do not have natural hair, I will try to help you. I do not charge by the minute if you have hair care questions (like some people). My advice is free!!